The Walking Dead in real life, how long would you survive?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

The wait until the resumption of season 7 of The Walking Dead leaves us time to ask ourselves the essential questions: would you survive for a long time in case of apocalypse zombie? According to statistics, probably not …
February 12 is approaching slowly but surely and as Norman Reedus (Daryl) still made us more impatient teasant in an epic war and his meeting with Shiva in a continuation of the season 7 of The Walking Dead , is now something Of a little more real than one is harnessed: survival. When we look at The Walking Dead, it’s hard not to imagine how we would manage if the zombies landed tomorrow. Emergency exits, weapons, food … we already have a bit of all of our established survival plan in our head, but according to a study from Leicester University published in the Journal of Physics Special Topics , our chances Survival rates would be more than minimal. The scientists who have seriously studied the issue point out how much we would rather be devouring the first hours instead of going into Rick mode to find our family and create a group of badass survivors. The statistics speak for themselves: if the zombie Apocalypse started with one person infected on day 1, the time we get to day 100, only 100 to 200 people would still be alive on Earth .
Not in the United States or in Europe, on the whole Earth. In other words, it is little, very little, and therefore it is very unlikely to be there, especially when we know that some are already prepared for the apocalypse with bunkers full of resources or that, Others already have enough to decimate a good horde of zombies. The study assumes that every zombie will find every day at least one human still alive to bite, and therefore to infect. Yet scientists have also assumed that this scenario would happen if humans did not go on the offensive . One can therefore think that with all the weapons in the world and all our knowledge about what to do to get rid of a zombie, the stats could go up a good notch and one could finally say that all these hours Spent watching Rick, Daryl and the others would not be totally lost. In short, we still hope that the dead are raised to devour the living is not for now, and to lighten a little the atmosphere, we listed the special episodes that would one day see in The Walking Dead . And do you think you would be a good survivor?