The Walking Dead in trouble facing The Vampire Diaries, will the series pay for its bad season?

Cinema 6 July, 2017

The competition is tough in the 2017 World Cup and The Walking Dead seems to have a hard time winning over The Vampire Diaries …

The quarterfinals of the 2017 World Cup continue and the match is more than tight between Gray’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf. Yet these are not the only series to indulge in a fierce battle since The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries are also neck and neck. It must be said that both series have many fans and many seasons behind them. But will Rick Grimes really bow to Elena Gilbert and the others? Well, it’s not quite impossible … After beating Jane the Virgin, Scandal and The Originals flat out, The Walking Dead now finds itself with only 51.2% of the votes against 48.8% for The Vampire Diaries.

In other words, the gap is minimal and it would not take much for The Vampire Diaries to go beyond it. It must be said that the series of Julie Plec has bowed its reverence this year and that it is possible that the fans want to pay homage to him by mobilizing en masse to win the cup. Moreover The Walking Dead did not offer us its best season since the episodes of season 7 proved quite uneven, ranging from very successful to rather boring. Is the series paying its inconstancy to the fans or is it rather a matter of mobilization? It’s up to you to prove it by continuing to vote HERE and on Facebook for your favorite series since nothing is yet played!