The Walking Dead: Musical episode, Christmas episode … these special episodes that we would like to see in the series!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Pending February 12 and the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we return on the special episodes that could be sympathetic to see in the series.
It’s been several years that the signed series of Robert Kirkman zombie airs on smaller screens, and after you proposed a small return on the funniest moments of The Walking Dead , today we are interested in a small process Could also offer us unforgettable episodes: special episodes. Many series have recourse to these episodes which allow to break a little the rhythm with originality while sometimes proposing a content that one would never have the opportunity to see elsewhere. This is the case of musical episodes like those Buffy or even Grey’s Anatomy . Obviously the risk is to lean towards the ridiculous but nothing like a little humor to lighten the atmosphere. And the least we can say is that nothing than to imagine Rick, Michonne or Negan sing among walkers is enough to give us a smile . Difficult to put a musical episode in the plot, but after all it is a series of zombies, writers could find a way to justify the fact that their characters push the song.
In short, as odd as it may be, it really would not be against a small musical break in The Walking Dead . We would not be against a Christmas episode either. Many series benefiting parties to themed episode centered on celebrations and although we doubt that the characters of The Walking Dead have better things to do, see remember Christmas could be friendlier. In a world where they have almost no markings and few opportunities to celebrate anything, the holidays of years would be the perfect excuse for a lighter and optimistic episode where the characters have time To blow and reveal a facet more casual and smiling than usual. We understand that with the precise timeline that follows the adapted series of comics this proves difficult, but that does not prevent us from dreaming.
We also dream of other flashblacks towards the “ordinary” pre-apocalypse life of Maggie, Jesus, Daryl and others. Even an entire episode consisting only of backtracking. Imagine ending up in the daily life of Daryl and Merle Dixon to realize their harsh environment, or Maggie at the farm with his father Hershel, her sister Beth and other family members . See Rick on a mission with Shane without taking a bullet, Carol struggling not to be overwhelmed by the violence of Ed or Tara during her training as a police officer. In short, as many slices of lives that we would like to discover to better understand our darlings on the small screen, their ordinary struggles and what made them the survivors that they are now.
The series has already offered us a little glimpse of the past of Michonne but we would like to see more, much more. Moreover, the multiplicity of the characters makes it so interesting and easy to propose episodes in mode “and if Rick was dead” or if one of the main characters did not exist to see the impact on the group and its evolution. Finally, needless to say we can not imagine a Halloween episode for the series that already has its share of horrors of all kinds in almost every episode . In short, the possibilities are many and even if we really doubt that it happens one day, we can still continue to expect to see a theme episode in The Walking Dead . Meanwhile, we wondered if Rick was still underestimate Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead. And you, what kind of special episodes would you like to see in The Walking Dead?