The Walking Dead: Negan, Rick, Sasha … Who are the deadliest characters of Season 7?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

A few weeks before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we take stock of the most deadly characters in the first eight episodes.

We continue to await the return of the so 7 of The Walking Dead season and after we asked Rick and the others will come to fight without Negan Eugene is on past exploits of the characters we come back now. Thanks to a Reddit member who is dedicated to the task, we know who are the deadliest characters in the first part of season 7. To calculate this, the fan in question cumulated murders of walkers and humans in the eight first episodes broadcast on AMC . At the bottom of the classification are Ezekiel, Carol, Daryl and Arat who all killed a person. If it was for Carol and Ezekiel simple walkers, Daryl him savagely killed “Fat Joe” to the Sanctuary while qu’Arat coldly executed Olivia in Alexandria . As for the top 5, we first find Sasha in 5th position with a total of 8 walkers executed. She is preceded by Tara who killed no less than 11 zombies during her little adventure in Oceanside.
Jesus came to the third step of the podium with a dozen executions of walkers, and Rick did slightly better with 14 walkers killed, many in the premiere season when Negan threw him in the middle of a horde. This is also the leader of the Saviors Negan we find no surprises in the first position of the deadliest characters in Season 7 . He not only killed 23 walkers but he is also the one who killed 3 humans, and not the least. Glenn, Abraham and Spencer were his unfortunate victims, and if we believe Rick’s hope in the final mid-season and the upcoming war, it is assumed that the massacre is far from over. This is in any case a little astonishing ranking that shows us all the same which characters were closest to the action in the first episodes. Until we know how many victims as a result holds, we wondered if Sherry could replace Dwight in the second part of Season 7 of The Walking Dead . What do you think of this ranking?