The Walking Dead: Present since Season 1, will SPOILERS die in Season 8?

Cinema 23 May, 2017

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is approaching and it could well mark the deaths of some of the hardest survivors of the series.
While we were learning that AMC was not worried about the hearings of The Walking Dead , today we are going to talk about his lead characters. As the seasons go by, the survivors of the first hour become more and more rare and there are almost no more characters present since the very first season. We suggest you to take stock of those who, after having survived 7 seasons of The Walking Dead, could well die in season 8 . Obviously since they are not numerous, the list will not be very long. Since we can probably put Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes and Daryl Dixon aside, we find ourselves with two characters: Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones.
Her stay at the Kingdom seems to have been beneficial to her but it will be necessary to wait a little longer in season 8 of The Walking Dead to find out if her state of mind has changed and if she is ready to fight again to survive, Even if it means killing ever more. Morgan Jones on his side seems already to have crossed a rather disturbing cap in season 7, after the death of Benjamin . Killing Richard in cold blood reminded us of the disoriented and lost Morgan he was and it may be that he soon inherits the same intrigue as his alter-ego in comics. Motivated only by revenge and wanting to kill all the Saviors until the last, Morgan could very well sacrifice himself in the battle against Negan. In all cases, His chances of survival are lower than those of many other characters and one would not be surprised to see him die in the next episodes. Waiting to find out if he survives or not, find Rick, Carol and the others on new photos of The Walking Dead’s season 8 shoot . What do you think ?