The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones … These bad guys who win every time

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Impossible to kill, ingenious as ever, overpowering … These villains of TV series give a hard time to our heroes.

In the wonderful world of the series, things are well done: the gentiles triumph … well no, not always in fact! To mark this special day disaster , take time to return to these wicked small screen who never quit the case and put pressure without a roust our heroes. Fascinating and charismatic , some even end overshadow the Gentiles who, by comparison, appear boring like rain! Others quietly have their own set they are paradoxically the (anti) hero … In short, we love to hate. Discover these bad guys who have clearly won our hearts …
Negan – The Walking Dead
When our heroes play it a little too much and they think invincible, Negan is never far to remind them – with blows of bate – that they must go down again …
Cersei – Game of Thrones
When it comes to getting revenge and getting what she wants, Cersei explodes everything … literally.
A – Pretty Little Liars
The endless story you know? Fans of PLL too!
Pretty little liars bitches
Rowan Pope – Scandal
He is not ready to receive the “father of the year” award!
Klaus – The Vampire Diaries
The guy has so pulled it off that it is now the hero of his own series, The Originals . Hat!
Funny s
Frank Underwood – House of Cards
Has the term anti-hero been invented for him?
Mashable house of cards frank underwood started kevin spacy
The Penguin – Gotham
In the city where all the bad guys are honored, there is even one who has become mayor … nothing but that!
Batman gotham penguin oswald cobblepot robin lord taylor
Arthur Mitchell (The Trinity Killer) – Dexter
Ok it ends up being zigouiller by Dexter like all the others, but not without having killed Rita first … Well played!
Showtime dexter #dexter trinity killer rita morgan
Reverse Flash – The Flash
Barry may try everything, impossible to get rid of!
The flash
Raymon Reddington – The Blacklist
Always a step ahead, always an unexpected plan and motivations unknown for the criminal the gifted of the small screen …