The Walking Dead, Quantico, Empire: The US hearings balance of the week!

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Like every Saturday, we reported on the US audiences of your favorite shows. So TWD is it always on top? Successful return to Empire? All of the above and more!
One week a bit special! Indeed, the major US networks programming has been somewhat turned upside down these days because of the presidential election, which took place Tuesday, November 8th. No new episode of This Is Us, The Flash or to Chicago Fire! however, the end of World Series baseball has allowed the return of Empire and Lethal Weapon Wednesday night on FOX. So he has success was the appointment? Like every week, it’s time to take stock! We start with The Walking Dead , which continues to decline, but is still very powerful: 11.72 million viewers (5.7%) were meeting Sunday, Nov. 6 on AMC. During that time, on ABC , while Once Upon A Time (3.56 million and 1.1%) and Secrets and Lies (2.83 million and 0.6%) go back a bit, Quantico yet realized its worst audience ever (2 20 million and 0.6%). On HBO, the new phenomenon Westworld regains fans and attracted 1.64 million people (0.7%).
On Showtime, Shameless attracted 1.44 million viewers (0.6%), and Masters of Sex 460 000 (0.1%). Monday, November 7, the end of the World Series allows CBS sitcoms back up the hill, including Kevin Can Wait (7.41 million and 1.7%), which earns nearly a million viewers a week. For its part, Man with a Plan with Matt LeBlanc gathered 6.26 million people (1.4%). On FOX, Gotham Lucifer and realize exactly the same audience (3.52 million viewers), but not the same rate 18-49 years (1.2% in Gotham, 1.0% for Lucifer) . And the CW, Jane The Virgin passes the million mark (1.08 million and 0.4%), while Supergirl made a nice recovery, too (2.47 million and 0.7%). First cancellation of the season on ABC Conviction merely 3.64 million Americans (0.6%). Turning now to hearings Wednesday, November 9, an evening marked by the return of Empire after nearly a month of absence.
This is a rather average return to Empire, who signs his lowest audience ever: 8.15 million viewers and a 2.9% rate . Still, the music still dominates soap once the competition that night. Just after the new Lethal Weapon is increasing (7.02 million and 1.8%) and it’s pretty. It remains in the news, with Designated Survivor , the political thriller ABC worn by Kiefer Sutherland. The series still loses fans because episode 6 attracted 5.56 million people (1.2%). Recall that debuted to more than 10 million viewers in the last few weeks … During that time, on NBC, Chicago PD attracts 5.70 million Americans (1.3%) and Blindspot 4.90 million (1.0%). Season 5 of Arrow continues to aficionados 1.95 million (0.7%) on the CW, while the season 6 of American Horror Story button (almost) to an end before 2.43 million people (1.3 %) on FX. Finally, on Thursday 10 November, Grey’s Anatomy set the second worst score of audience in its history …
The episode 8 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy, which is our critical , was watched by 7.25 million Americans (1.9%) live. Apart from this decline, this audience score remains good and honorable for a series of such longevity, especially as it is still one of the most viewed of all ABC . We unfortunately can not be said of Notorious , released just after (3.77 million and 0.9%). As How to Get Away with Murder (4.32 million and 1.2%). FOX side, it is not much brighter, with Rosewood (3.33 million and 0.7%) and the novelty Pitch (2.64 million and 0.7%). And while The Big Bang Theory is increasing (14.47 million and 3.4%) on CBS, the final fall of The Blacklist attracted 5.87 million viewers (1.2%) on NBC. Finally, on the CW, Legends of Tomorrow and Supernatural respectively attracted 1.77 million (0.6%) and 1.70 million (0.6%) fans. The meltynautes, what do you think?