The Walking Dead reveals the synopsis official his season 8






If the series Walking Dead is losing its popularity in recent times, this is not going to stop it. Even if it is going to have to work twice as hard for us to rally during the course of his season 8.

After so many years, it was thought that The Walking Dead was going to be slowing down, but it is good. If the series is no longer at the top of the hearings lately, it gratifies us regularly of a few electric shocks that can restore a dose of popularity and makes it the center of all the debates. Even if we would very much like us she is finally showing his true potential, and that quality short on a full season.



But let’s not be negative and expect the beginning of season 8 scheduled for 22 October on the channel AMC, as usual, before our very poor language, especially since the arrival of Negan in the story has considerably revived the interest of a scenario which empâtait as well as it should. A Negan that will be clearly at the heart of this new season, when the hour of revenge has apparently rang, as we stated in the synopsis, official has been unveiled by the chain :

“In the last season, Rick Grimes and his group of survivors were faced with their greatest challenge. The most deadly also. With the comforts provided by Alexandria, they had lowered their guard, to be reminded how much the world could be brutal.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the rules and requests of Negan, Rick has asked his group to play the game. Seeing that Negan could not be reasoned with, Rick began to put together other communities affected by the Saviors. With the support of the colony Hilltop and the Kingdom, they finally have enough fire power to challenge the authority of the Saviors.

This season, Rick declares war on Negan. The Saviors are more numerous, better armed, and ruthless. But Rick and his allies are fighting for the promise of a bright future.



Until now, survival has focused on Rick and his group, but this is no longer enough. They must now fight to reclaim their freedom. So that they can rebuild. But each battle has its own victims. But in the face of Rick leading the forces of Alexandria, Maggie diriant the Hill and Ezekiel at the head of the Kingdom, the domination of Negan on this world could be coming to an end.”

A summary well pompous as it is necessary, therefore, for this Season 8, a little as usual in fact. And promises between the lines. After that, it is hoped that this will not be like every year : the prospect of lots of action, twists galore, drama terrible and dead painful to eventually end up with a driver that sends the sauce, a final episode in which we loose on a big climax of hell and, in the midst of it all, a lot of empty space. Response from the 22 October.

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