The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman reveals his favorite moment in comic book

Cinema 11 November, 2016

160 books and nearly 90 series of comics episodes, The Walking Dead is full of intense and striking episodes. What is the favorite time of the writer Robert Kirkman? Reply !
the-walking-dead-saison-7-robert-kirkmanAttention, this article contains spoilers if you are not up to date in the series . For seven years the show beats audience records on the AMC chain and on social networks, but TWD is above all a comic that lasts for 13 years for a total of 160 numbers. We know that Daryl feels responsible for the death of Glenn since episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 7 , but what is the favorite time of the author of the original comic book? That’s a good question! Robert Kirkman, the answer must be very difficult, but journalists from Entertainment Weekly have him still asked his opinion. With great modesty, the bestselling author admits he is never satisfied with his work and that it always motivated to do better in the next issue . “I like to think that each edition is better than the last, but I know this is not the case. I think if I have to pick a favorite moment in the history is probably the number 50, when Carl and Rick are only after the attack on the prison. Rick is dying and this is a whole number where Carl is trying to survive by itself, thinking that it can not survive alone until he realized that in fact it can happen. ”
Negan fans may have thought that Robert Kirkman would have preferred the first longer than usual season of The Walking Dead Season 7 , but no! The author’s favorite moment is not the savage killing Glenn . When writing stories as intense, exciting and sometimes heartbreaking, it is necessarily attached to his characters and is mandatory sad to end their days. Robert Kirkman chose a more human time, less painful but just as strong. “It was a fun time in history and a big change for Carl, and in fact I had to write this episode for the series, then it was good fun too. ” remember necessarily this very important episode for Carl. On the net just, fans are divided into two categories: those who think that the series revolves around Rick, and those who think it actually turns around his son. Robert Kirkman will say nothing more than “Rick eventually may die” and leave the place of leader Carl Grimes … But that’s another story! And you, what is your favorite moment of The Walking Dead?