The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman talks about the number of seasons remaining

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is not over yet that Robert Kirkman talks about the upcoming seasons and their advancement compared to the comics.
The wait continues until February 12 and after that will be asked if Rosita would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , we continue to speculate on the result through about Robert Kirkman. Watch out for possible spoilers on the upcoming lines. After eight episodes of season 7 is about to No. 111 comics and each season covers roughly 20 issues of the comic . It would therefore take more or less three seasons to arrive at no. 160 of the comics, that is to say the most recent published, knowing that during these three seasons, 36 new issues of the comic book would come out. This means that the series should continue for many more years if the audiences are still as good, and for Robert Kirkman there is no reason for the pace to slow down.
“It took us six seasons to get to # 100 of the comics, but it will not take us six seasons to arrive at # 200, and this should bring us to the season … TWELVE. ahead of the series at that time ” . If AMC allows it, it is still beautiful years before her that has The Walking Dead, with intrigues more exciting than each other, beginning with the war against Negan. If the series continues to follow the original source, we should also see Maggie the baby arrived, and the introduction of a new group of antagonists led by Alpha – The Whisperers – and even a little romance for Carl . Obviously and as is often said, one is never safe from surprises on the part of screenwriters and it is possible that some intrigues are modified. Meanwhile there is the near certainty that The Walking Dead is still on our screens for a while and wait until the next episode, we listed four things to expect from the rest of the season 7 of The Walking Dead ! What do you think of Robert Kirkman’s comments?