The Walking Dead Season 7: 4 things to expect from the next episodes!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

The break of season 7 of The Walking Dead continues but we already have some clues as to what we reserve the following. Watch out for spoilers!
Good news ! To have one more reason to rejoice over the holidays, we revealed you there is little that The Walking Dead was the most watched series by 18-49 in 2016 in the USA! It must be said that seasons 6 and 7 were full of surprises and that we are already looking forward to the second part of the current season. To wait a little more easily until February 12, we continue to speculate on the next episodes and since the beginning of the season did not move away from the comics, it is thanks to them that speculation continues on the and on and on season 8. Beware of spoilers from the US comics in the next lines! The first thing we expect to see in the sequel is the great return of Ezekiel and his meeting with Rick via Jesus. As can be seen below, the Hilltop inhabitant knows the Kingdom and should participate in the alliance between Rick and Ezekiel to defeat Negan.
The second thing that should happen is Dwight because in the comics, the executioner of Daryl ends up betraying Negan to help the triple alliance. Obviously you’re never safe from a surprise and writers might decide to let the dark side into believing only his willingness to buy . Still according to the intrigues on which the series is based, one should soon see a Rick offensive at the Sanctuary with men from the other two communities. It is very possible that, as in comics, Negan is warned by Gregory, leader of Hilltop in the hot seat, and thus allows him to be prepared. This leads us to the fourth and last thing we can expect from the next episodes: the death of Sasha. His character is very similar to that of Holly in the comics and it could well harm him.
Readers know, Holly sacrificed himself during the Sanctuary attack to force entry and allow his friends to enter it and ended up being captured by Negan. Can we therefore expect the same for Sasha in the series The Walking Dead ? This is not entirely impossible since the actress who embodies it on screen, Sonequa Martin-Green, was recently cast in the new Star Trek series and could therefore have less time to devote to the zombies. As usual, all this is just speculation and we know that the writers like to change some things to surprise us despite Spoilers comics and shooting . One hopes in any case that they will come to find a solution to keep Sasha a little longer or at least to finish a little better than Holly. While waiting to find out, we wondered if we would review Sherry Heath and later in the season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you, would you like the series to go away a little from the comics?