The Walking Dead season 7: 5 things we do not want to see in the next episodes

Cinema 5 February, 2017

D-7 before the big return of season 7 of The Walking Dead and here are 5 things one would really not want to see in the sequel!
The wait until February 12 is nearing its end and there are only a few days left before finding Rick, Maggie, Daryl and the others. To help you wait, Norman Reedus (Daryl) teasait there is little the return of an essential element in the result of 7 The Walking Dead season and today is still the next episodes we will you speak. Obviously there are some things we look forward to seeing and hopefully seeing as the reunion between Daryl and Carol but there are also things we hope the series will avoid, starting with a submissive Rick. During eight episodes, we saw the leader who is admired so bending back and say amen to Negan’s slightest whim. Now it’s Rick’s return time, the intrepid and determined group leader who has allowed his survival so far. And something tells us that finding his dear pistol through Daryl will remind him of who he really is. The second thing we hope to avoid is to see Carol isolated and harmless.
Just like Rick but for other reasons, Carol took a step back from the violence of which she was capable and even if it was doubtless necessary for her well-being, we hope to see her recovering from the beast of the beast and not More put themselves in danger of death. We would review the Carol brave and desperate to her family in previous seasons . The third thing we would like The Walking Dead avoids, or at least limit, is the use of “bottle episodes”, or the episodes focused on only one or two characters and leave us without news of the others. Generally these episodes allow us to know more about the characters in question and are rather pleasant but we can not deny that they break a bit the rhythm of the plot which, as was the case in the first part of the season , Was already quite jerky because of all the communities explored. It is hoped that another community in particular will not be introduced in the second half of the season: that of the whisperers.
Obviously the Whisperers have made a lot of talk about them, notably because of AMC teasing, but their arrival in the aftermath would mean that the arc around the war against Negan has been shortened and that the screenwriters have decided to accelerate A little things. Now we want to see how Rick brings communities and encourages everyone to participate in the war effort against the Saviors . Season 8 or even Season 9 would therefore be more appropriate for the arrival of Alpha and his Whisperers. Finally, even if we doubt it would happen so soon, we hope not to witness the death of Negan – Sasha might try to kill in the season 8 of The Walking Dead , and perhaps even before. If the big villain gets killed in Season 7, it means that the writers have completely zapped the plot of comics that promises to be exciting on TV, and that the series ends up without the emblematic villain it has Teased during a season. We therefore trust the series to offer us still beautiful scenes very frustrating with Negan and we are already looking forward to see him again on February 12 on AMC! And you, what would you like to see in the second half of the season?