The Walking Dead Season 7: A character will become very important in the next episodes!

Cinema 28 January, 2017

When the Season 7 episodes of The Walking Dead are broadcast again, a character will gain in importance!
A beautiful evolution! While our hero appeared united against Negan in a new video promo of season 7 of The Walking Dead , it seems that the status of some characters will evolve over the plot involving the imminent war against Negan and Saviors. In any case it is clear from a visit on the set of the latest episodes of our colleagues to Entertainment Weekly . Indeed, they were able to attend a scene somewhere in the woods, presumably on the road leading to the fight or towards the community of Oceanside, during which Tara gives a speech full of emotion. This comes under duress and the lives of several characters, including that of Tara, will be at stake . We learn that it took several takes to the actress to offer all the rightness required and that she was very frustrated, although it was constantly reassured by Andrew Lincoln. Once in the box, Norman Reedus, Seth Gilliam, Chandler Riggs and director Michael Clovis did not fail to congratulate Alanna Masterson on her impressive performance.
For now, the context of the scene remains unknown, but we know that Rick and his group will rally other communities against Negan. Based on the number of members of this distribution on site, we have every reason to believe that this is a pivotal moment of the last episodes of season 7 and it seems that Tara greatly gaining in importance . We already had an episode dedicated to her, in which she discovered the community of Oceanside. Now it seems it has acquired a central status and the actress seems to be aware since it says: “It was really exciting when I finished this stage This was a great day on the set, because. you perform something difficult and all your colleagues are there and they respect you and love you. It was pretty great ” . With Maggie in Hilltop, Carol in the Kingdom and Sasha who could be on the start, Tara’s ascent can only be a good thing for the series! Lately, we dévoilions you a victim of Negan would be back in season 7 of The Walking Dead! Do you like the fact that Tara is gaining in importance?