The Walking Dead Season 7: A difficult location between Lincoln and Andrew Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

The filming of Season 7 of The Walking Dead was not always easy between Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

In June, shooting 7 of The Walking Dead season continues in the City of Senoia, Georgia. This is the episode that will air next Sunday on AMC . In one scene, Negan travels to Alexandria to recover what is owed. That is to say almost anything seen Lucille owner’s character. Despite the ambient heat and the weight of his leather jacket, Jeffrey Dean Morgan takes very few breaks. The rest of the cast then noted how much he loves playing the bloodthirsty Negan. And it seriously starts typing them on the system . Especially during a scene where Negan turmoil one of the residents of Alexandria (he is not a person in the group). Andrew Lincoln then said: ” He plays too much ” . So it seems that Rick performer does not appreciate what Negan did to her character. And sometimes reality catches up with fiction. Fortunately, he was able to avenge his partner with humor when it was injured. ” The other day, he was smiling and he was so that he bruised a rib. He writhed in pain. And I was saying to myself, ‘Yeah! Take that you bastard. ” Besides, it was not even for a decision but during a rehearsal! ”

And it was not the only one to savor the moment: ” Oh everyone reacted the same way. Nobody went to help. It was just to say he had it coming ” . Norman Reedus (Daryl) also wanted to respond: ” Good for you, buddy! But it’s true that Andy was really excited for injured Jeffrey. He was thoroughly. ” But what really think the main interested? : ” Yes, it kills me to see so much fun. But Andy’s not me, it’s Negan! But it’s normal to be even touched outside of the catch. Some scenes are so intense that there are days when the cast does not even look in the eyes to the end of the day. And I can understand that. ” We also hope that the character of Andrew Lincoln will also revenge in reality! Rick will he fight Negan in the mid-season finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead ? What is your favorite character?