The Walking Dead Season 7: A Sexy Arrival in the Final Season! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 27 January, 2017

The second part of Season 7 of The Walking Dead has not started yet that we already have info on the very last episode of the season.
February 12 is getting closer and following the adventures of Rick and others against Negan too! Besides, after you have shown the revolt Rick, Daryl and the other on posters and new unpublished photos promo of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we give you some information about the end of the season thanks to an interview Lennie James, aka Morgan Jones, gave to NME . At the latter, he tease a lot more action in the last eight episodes . “I hope people will not be disappointed in the end, but there is one thing in the last episode that Melissa McBride (who plays Carol) and I were reading in the script while we sat side by side in the plane, and we were both a little embarrassed ‘ . Apparently and unlike other season finale, that of season 7 could be a little different from the others and especially more surprising than is expected.
“It’s really a sexy moment at all levels, it’s huge but really charming at the same time, and we both had the same reaction when we read this scene, we were there” Oh my god And I think that to get there seven years after the beginning of the series, it is a proof of talent on the part of the screenwriters.This turns around the arrival of a character and it’s really nice ” . Speeches which tease the continuation without revealing much and which give us just want to be already at the end of the season to know what it is. What kind of character could be introduced in the last episode of the season? And especially how could this arrival be sexy? Did Lennie James want to tease the public or will he really do anything in episode 16? We do not know yet but one thing is certain, we can not wait to be there. Pending the return of the series, we wondered who would betray Rick later in the season 7 of The Walking Dead. What do you think ?