The Walking Dead Season 7: Andrew Lincoln back on the terrible secret of Rick!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

In episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, Rick reveals a terrible secret to Michonne! Andrew Lincoln returns to this key moment.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-episode-1The Revelation! In episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism , there has been the looting of Saviors in Alexandria, there was also a huge revelation. Indeed, Rick is completely broken, it accepts that Negan be the new leader of his community and with this in mind, it comes to Michonne as ever. He talks about Shane and Lori and openly declares that Judith is not his biological child. This is an extremely exciting and challenging time, which helps our Michonne, filled with rage and frustration, understand why Rick is willing to accept the Negan lifestyle . Andrew Lincoln, who plays our hero explains . “I think this is one of the highlights between the two lovers, between Michonne and Rick, a moment that brings together This is a very important time to understand his psyche and say.. ‘that’s what I’m doing two years ago I accepted the situation and I will accept this situation if it is to save lives and if it protects people I love this is another type of heroism, quieter. it is perhaps not his father, but that did not prevent him to love her child, but agreed that it is not in him ” .
The actor said that he had also warned Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane, this rebound: “I told Jon that, while we were in the pool with his children and I did not have it seen for some time, ‘Dude, you’re not going to believe’ And he said to me. ‘Oh, God, no, what?’ It was hilarious because he said, ‘No. What … Really Really.?’ It was perfect! It was so Jon. It was almost as if he wanted to play again his stage, he wanted to go back and review the thing. It was something very, very important and Scott M. Simple me the has said before that I have the script of the first season. We talked about it during the hiatus because it’s really, really important. ”
Many fans suspected all along that Judith was not Rick , but it’s still a great revelation, as explained Andrew Lincoln: “This is a big, very big secret to which he clings long it is. also a very smart way to understand why he behaves this way because he behaves that way towards her child since the beginning of the epidemic. There is a scene with Lori where it is almost touched – outside of the farm. – where he made peace with what happened and that’s, I think, a key moment he does not say, but it’s there, it’s in air ” . This revelation was not expected, but it is more than welcome and we can be sure it will significantly strengthen the couple Rick / Michonne! Next week, AMC will air episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we propose to discover the promo photos! What did you think of the confession of Rick?