The Walking Dead Season 7: Austin Amelio (Dwight) goes behind the scenes of the Sanctuary and the reign of Negan

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Hours before the discovery of the Sanctuary in episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, Austin Amelio trusts the relationship with Dwight Negan.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-3-spoilersEpisode 3 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air tonight and we already know that Daryl risk to take for his rank in “The Cell”. To help you wait until the broadcast of the episode on AMC and OCS few hours later, melty you to discover the words of Austin Amelio on Dwight and his life at the Sanctuary under the yoke of Negan. When an interview with CNN , the actor explained that the logic of their community was very simple : “It’s every man for himself It’s really not easy for Saviors.” . But Dwight is not just a Savior, it is also one of Negan confidence men, and it is he who inherits not always pleasant assignment. “I think it weighs on him a little … Being the Negan henchman is not as cool as you might think, I had to swallow my pride ” . Moreover Austin Amelio was not a fan of how his character deals that of Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon.

“It was really not fun to do. Norman is one of my friends, it was a little afraid to see him in that emotional state” . But it allows the player to better understand his character and make it still more complex. “I love the fact that is revealed in this season. Dwight is a complex character and I hope the public will understand better why he made certain choices and they have a little more empathy for him ” . so we’ll see after the episode tonight if we feel a little sympathy for him but see Daryl torture will not help without probably not too his case … anyway after his interpreter, the character still holds pleasant surprises and we are already looking forward to whether its plot will join the comics or not. Until namely, know that Maria Bello was casted for Season 8 of The Walking Dead and it has already asked if she could play the Alpha Whisperers ! And you, what do you think of Dwight?