The Walking Dead Season 7: Behind the scenes of the premiere season and the deaths of SPOILERS!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

No, we still have not finished talking about the season premiere extraordinary season 7 of The Walking Dead and especially not since a behind-the-scenes video was unveiled.

The winter hiatus continues and melty will always deliver the latest info on your favorite zombie series to help you wait until February 12th. So we wondered if there is little Enid would betray Rick and the others in season 7 of The Walking Dead , now it takes you back a little towards the bloody first season that continues to be talked about. Directed by Greg Nicotero, “The Day Will Come When You Will not Be” shocked audiences with the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham in the hands of Negan and entered the history of the small screen . But the achievement of this episode was also deconstruct a character we had seen evolve from the driver of The Walking Dead Rick Grimes. As Andrew Lincoln says in the video, “all we have learned and gone through has been reinvented” . Rick and his group are no longer masters, they have found themselves stronger than them and they will have to submit, which Greg Nicotero confirms. “Negan feels that at first Rick is not really ready to follow him.”
Then comes the test of the hatchet and the arm of Carl which pushes Rick to end. For the solution to ensure his submission was to ask Rick to hurt the people he loves and especially his son, which Negan quickly understood. The leader of the Saviors knows well, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan points out, that killing Rick would not have arranged his affairs. “Negan think long term. He knows that if he can break Rick, he can draw a lot” . And as Gale Anne Hurd says, breaking down humans is one of Negan’s favorite activities. So merciless that turns a courageous leader follower terrorized in a first season very well orchestrated by the writers and performed by all actors . In short, for those who want to remember a bit of how the season started and the path traveled by Rick and his friends until the mid-season finale, the video gives an idea. Waiting to see if they will also be determined to return to the series, the synopsis and promotional photos of upcoming episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead are available on melty. What do you think ?