The Walking Dead Season 7: Can Sherry replace Dwight in the next episodes?

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns in February and it leaves us time to ask if Sherry is not going to inherit Dwight’s plot …

The wait continues until 12 February and while Robert Kirkman speaking there is little the number of remaining seasons of The Walking Dead is always in season 7, we’ll look today, especially To Sherry and Dwight, the two Saviors that Daryl met in season 6. Christine Evangelista, who plays Sherry, recently talked about her character and her motivations. She explained that Sherry Daryl wanted to help the Sanctuary because it reminds him Dwight before he became cruel . “I think she feels guilty for what she did to Daryl when he tried to help them and she does not want the same thing she does to Dwight, so she tries to help helping to turn ” . This desire to help Daryl could ask a few questions about the sequel and especially about Sherry’s role in the upcoming war between Alexandria and the Sanctuary.
Watch out for spoilers from the US comics in the sequel. It is known that in comics, Dwight eventually switch sides to give information to Rick and his allies on the Saviors . But in this comic, Daryl does not exist and the story of Sherry is strongly limited to the Saviors. The presence of Daryl in the series The Walking Dead seems to have allowed the writers to develop a more friendly personality Sherry to the point of the show as an ally rather than an enemy. Dwight on his side has shown very little willingness to redemption yet – even though he might be the one who helped Daryl escape. One wonders therefore if it would not be possible for the intrigues of these two characters to be reversed in the series in order to continue to surprise the readers and make history a little more intriguing.
In this scenario, Sherry could be the one who sided with Rick, Ezekiel and the others to help them defeat Negan in the upcoming war rather than being the one waiting for Rick to be weakened to try to s’ To seize Alexandria. Dwight would continue to be faithful to Negan in spite of the injury he inflicted on him and his feelings that always seem to be present for Sherry. Another possibility would be that Sherry and Dwight both betray Negan to help Rick. In short, as saying that after we maybe some surprises and we can not wait to see the character of Sherry to be further developed in future episodes , even if the writers decide to make it follow the same plot as his character in the comics . While waiting to know if it’s her, Dwight or anyone else who gave a word to Daryl was listed four things to expect the next few episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?