The Walking Dead Season 7: Carl is it the new Rick?

Cinema 15 November, 2016

Two days after the release of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we are interested in Carl behavior in “Service” and its implications in the future.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-episode7 The Walking Dead season continues with Michonne, Maggie, Rosita and other ready to do battle with Negan if necessary. I must say that Rick has agreed to work with the big bad and seems clearly not ready to try against-attack after what he done to her in the season premiere. Yet there are many who always keeps a Grimes insolently in his eyes: Carl . During the raid of Saviors, Carl refuses all community drugs to men Negan since he had declared to take only half of their property. But Negan decides what “half” means and Carl struggles to endure this injustice and to see, in addition, his helpless father begs him to make his weapon and let them. The young man had already defied Negan in the season premiere and one wonders if Carl is not prepared under these conditions to take over from his father.
Even when they were not the strongest, Rick and his family have always managed to take the lead through their ingenuity mixed with insolence. By appearing as the strongest and by claiming loudly, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the others arrived to emerge as winners and to intimidate opponents sometimes stronger than them. Yet this time the arrogance of Rick has gone too far and the former leader has preferred to permanently indented . But this is not the taste of Carl who prefer to think that his group is still the strongest and dislocated this is only temporary. Ready to fight, Carl could push others to take – well first find – their arms and do their utmost to make it difficult for Saviors and gradually emerge as the new leader of the community. Beware of spoilers from the US comics below.
Little Carl show of force could also, if one believes the comics, walk and seduce Negan. Its plot in comic The Walking Dead takes him into effect alongside the Savior who seems fascinated by this young boy already so brutally honest and sometimes reckless as the situation allows. Negan already seems to admire the courage of Carl and could, why not, the push to be less attentive and more indulgent towards him and therefore more vulnerable in some way. We certainly do not outside of Carl benefit of any weak moment for revenge, since even his father hesitated a few seconds when Lucille Hand, Negan back to him by offering him his neck. But if the series follows the comic, it is not certain that Carl has time to actually take a pretty important part of the community in Alexandria to become their new leader . Or not yet, anyway. Until we know what the result provided the young Grimes, we wondered what that Michonne had found on the road at the end of episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead. And you what do you think ?