The Walking Dead Season 7: Carl, she will follow the series comics to read? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 27 November, 2016

The dissemination of season 7 continues and could surprise us with the story of Carl! Does the series will follow the comics to read?

the-walking-dead-saison-7-carl-grimes-chandlerStaying true or not? We know Carl’s the favorite character from Robert Kirkman , and in fact, it seems untouchable. However, the rumors about the departure of Chandler Riggs (Carl) during the 7 of The Walking Dead season are becoming more insistent, so we wonder whether the series will follow the comics to read. Surely the death of Carl would be a surprise for most fans – how to that of Andrea, the only living character in comics and death in the series – and it would no doubt revitalize the story . However, we have a hard time believing this rumor as the character has considerable importance in the future. Indeed, for the time, Carl destiny follows that of comics. It is hidden in a truck and is about to attack the sanctuary, with the intention of killing Negan.
Although he manages to kill several Saviors, Carl will not reach its final goal and regain captive Negan. However, it will take a lot of interest to the young man and predicted a future serial killer. It will be released pretty quickly and find his own. He then embarked on an intense workout with Michonne, with the objective to learn to aim and to fight against zombies. Later, Carl will commit an odd when trying to shoot Negan since reached Lucille, which will put our ugly very angry . For his part, the young man asked whether to participate in the attack on the Shrine.
The purpose of the war is capturing Negan and Carl will fight to be killed, in opposition to his father and Michonne wishing to punish Negan more civilized manner. Following the comics takes us two years later and then Carl has a new confidant Negan, who is still a prisoner. However, we have the assurance that the young man always desire his death. The question now is whether the series will follow the comics, so a jump in time will be made and if so: do the interpreter Carl could change? The answer very soon. Recently, we wondered if Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) would be in season 8 of The Walking Dead! Do you think the series will follow the comics for Carl?