The Walking Dead Season 7: Carl Spencer, Daryl … Who will die in the Midseason Finale? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 26 November, 2016

With the approach of the distribution of episode 6 of season 7, the midseason finale is looming and could be marked by the death of Spencer, Daryl, or Carl!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-6-episodeThey will not survive all! As we told you, the hearings of the season 7 of The Walking Dead are down, so we were wondering how the show could catch up! However, the diffusion continues and the final midseason approaching. While it is likely to meet most of our heroes, this episode will certainly be marked by one or more deaths! The one that seems most considered is that of Carl. We know, in the comics, the character attacks the sanctuary and commits a massacre, without managing to kill Negan, strangely let him live. Nevertheless, several indicators tend to mean that Carl could experience a much less rosy fate in the series. His father was indeed shared a message that can mean that the actor could have done with The Walking Dead, and we saw the character experiencing the greatest difficulty to aim, which could be the cause of his end. The loss of this character would be a real risk taking for production, but it could be paid since thus we would have proof that the series can still surprise us.
By referring to comics, Spencer’s death should be waiting for you! The latter tries to betray Rick Negan with what the big bad does not like, so he informs Rick after brutally killed the young man. The same fate awaits it the character? Given the evolution of its history, we can think of! The question is whether Rosita will be a collateral victim. A death which would surely be amazing would that of Daryl . Since this character does not exist in the comics, we have no basis on which to speculate, which is a very good thing and certainly giving it the status of fan favorite. However, the production could take the risk of removing Daryl. We imagine well the character rebel and attempt to cause the fall of the Sanctuary. An attempt to weaken the troops Negan, but that could lead to his death. However, there is no chance that the character disappears because now the actor has signed for season 8. Another death which would be powerful than Carol! Indeed, it seems perfectly safe within the Kingdom and nothing seems to lead to an end! The surprise was total.
Several minor characters could be victims of war looming between our Saviors and Survivors. Sasha, Tara, Jesus, Gabriel and Aaron, see Enid, would be prime targets. Their deaths were bound to arouse emotion and could have good effects on other characters. Shiva also might not be safe. In fact, the animal does not live long in the pages of comics and cost that represents its presence may not be carried on too long. We do not imagine the deaths of Maggie, Michonne, Rick, Ezekiel, Negan, or Eugene Morgan, but perhaps is this our fault! One of them could it not be returning to the show? We see: no one is safe! Meanwhile this key chapter, see the promotional photos of episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead! What character could die for you?