The Walking Dead Season 7: Chandler Riggs explains why Carl meets Negan

Cinema 7 December, 2016

7 The Walking Dead season explores an interesting dynamic between Carl and Negan and Chandler Riggs discusses the reasons why it works so well.

There are only a few days before the broadcast of episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead which a new extract with Rick and Aaron was unveiled there is little, but it is now up to episode 7 in which Carl arrived at the Sanctuary. In “Sing Me A Song” Negan is impressed by the attack of Carl and his courage and takes the son of Rick under his wing. Despite his obvious animosity towards Negan, it seems clear that Carl also feel a sort of respect for him and Chandler Riggs explained why . “I think Negan fact visit the Sanctuary for Carl because he wants he respects, and I think it works pretty well” . Indeed throughout the episode, Negan endorses a mentor Carl and shows how it controls its Saviors and all he managed to get, staff lounge to his “harem” of women. And even if it is causing a real slaughter which Carl attended, this technique does not leave indifferent Carl.
Having faced many tragic events and grown in full Zombie Apocalypse, Carl has shown repeatedly that he would not be treated as a child, Rick, Michonne and other members of his group continue to do. “For Negan treated as an adult and I think that’s pretty cool of him. Carl is a little lost” . Chandler Riggs probably wants to say that even if Carl loves his father and all his family, the arrival of Negan and how he treats is an element of confusion and more. The young man has already shown in The Walking Dead that he also had a dark side quite pronounced and age makes it particularly impressionable, and more face to someone as charismatic as Negan. But Carl is still determined to kill Negan so we guess he could use Negan affection towards her in revenge afterwards . While waiting to find out, the promotional photos of episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead is available on melty. And you what do you think ?