The Walking Dead Season 7: “Daryl has lost the will to fight,” Norman Reedus back on episode 3!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Following the broadcast of episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus gave an interview in which he discusses the torment of his character and says “Daryl has lost the will to fight.”

the-walking-dead-saison-7-daryl-poster-avenirA! Broken surviving Last night the American channel AMC aired episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism. An episode in which we learned a lot more about Dwight and where we shared the execution of Daryl within the Sanctuary. Following this chapter, Norman Reedus returned to the delicate journey of his character. First, he was asked how he felt it to rotate as much with Austin Amelio (Dwight), while having only two lines of dialogues on the whole episode . To which he replied: “It was emotionally draining it was certainly one of the most difficult episodes I had to film for a long time there was really something strange between Dwight and Daryl, but!. on the whole, we have a good team. All are respectful and we have been together for so long. When you are in a prison cell, naked and you cry for three days, they are there with you and everyone was really quiet, just trying to capture what is in the air. I do not know if you could do that with a team you do not feel comfortable. it was intense! ”
Torture is indeed intense, provided Daryl resists: “Negan trying to break Daryl Dwight is only running when Daryl met Dwight, he was a good guy he was trying to protect his people and fled the…. people do things for fear in this world and they regret the Daryl can forgive that Dwight gave up and he always said….? ‘just say you’re Negan say it right I do not understand why you do it, but Daryl can not do it because of the same reasons why Dwight has made crappy things because there was something he was protecting Daryl can not say.. ‘I’m Negan’ because he would abandon . that Glenn was for him and what it was for the whole group Glenn was the heart of our group, he was optimistic and believed people if Daryl would say. ‘I’m Negan’, it fails to respect to the memory of Glenn. And that’s why Daryl can not do it ” . torture is also done in picture when Dwight gives a picture of Daryl Glenn remains. Norman Reedus explained that at that time, “Daryl is as we had never seen before. It’s what they do. They beat people over the head and take pictures. When we attacked complex last year. there were pictures of this kind all over the walls. it’s part of the torture and their technique. Daryl spends much time sitting in that cell, to think again and again that it is tortured. Glenn Photo is only a reminder of what happened ” .
The actor is back on the fact that he blames the death of Glenn . “This fully blame. Rosita was kneeling next to him and after Abraham was killed, Negan waving the bloody bat in the face of Daryl Rosita and scoffed, as if it was a big joke. Daryl was closest to Rosita, and he attacked to protect and honor his friend, Abraham. one would assume that if someone were to suffer because of it, it would be Daryl. Glenn was a surprise for everyone. They did not see coming. Steven Yeun fought for his death. She is so iconic in the comics and it is a turning point for this group and for . history I think fans of the comic was upset if it had been someone else But Daryl would never do anything to hurt someone in the group. “. We find that guilt: “It is pushed into the corridors through your head and you know he could attack Dwight. But that’s not what happens. He leaves do because he thinks he deserves to be there, and that no matter what make him suffer the Savior, he deserves it. He does not fight at all, he lost the will to fight. That’s why he will not say it is Negan. Although it is a moment ‘Fuck you’, it does not look like the finger, it looks like Daryl who has more than his humanity. ”
After rejecting the three options Negan offer him remains whether Daryl has a plan: . “No I guess then he returned to his cell to eat her pate sandwiches for dogs and it takes only thing still… ‘Fuck you Negan my name is Daryl’ honor He hopes to see his friends again It was not one, it was more, ‘this is the last thing I have, and you can not have it. “Daryl has only one thing, his honor, his word and his name, and he does not give it to Negan. can -being that six years ago he would have. But Glenn that means to him and what the band means to him is the only thing he still has. he lost all but . This is much better them than ‘Fuck You Negan.’ ” Finally, Norman Reedus has tease the future relationship between Negan and Daryl : ” Daryl wants to kill Negan looks at Daryl and tries to break the Daryl is a.. beast will and it’s almost a game for Negan. Daryl wants to lacerate his face. He wants to kill him and he wants to kill Dwight. He hates ” . Surely the next episodes about them is intense. Besides Austin Amelio revealed if Dwight would betray Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead! What do you think about the actor?