The Walking Dead Season 7: Daryl in the hole and transformed by the death SPOILER after Norman Reedus

Cinema 5 November, 2016

the-walking-dead-saison-7-amc-twd-episodeA few days before the broadcast of episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus returns to the fate of Daryl Dixon. Beware of spoilers!

It’s Sunday and soon after Maggie has finally expressed on Glenn’s death in season 7 of The Walking Dead , it was the turn of Norman Reedus to confide in Entertainment Weekly to find out more about the felt Daryl later in the season. Like many suspect in the biker big heart is likely to blame for the death of his friend and after Norman Reedus, Daryl dark hours waiting in the suite … “It will really contain and bear all the responsibility for Glenn’s death, he will never forgive ” . Knowing the character, one could already expect that Daryl is transformed by the tragedy of the first season, but the consequences could be more brutal than expected . ” Daryl will completely abandon he no longer wants to fight and he thinks he deserves what happens to him. he does not resist. Take someone wild like that, pure and honest survivor, and take away the desire to fight, it’s devastating. ”

Suffice to say that it is a Daryl transformed that we will find in episode 3, dispirited and without any desire to escape or fight to return to his family. We have already had the opportunity to see Daryl grind black but it is clear that this time he could stay in the hole … but Norman Reedus give us a little hope with his following words. “we must break the hero to become even more heroic. I hope these heroes then will fare and they will arrive to become those who struggle to be free and for their friends. It’s just a very different season. It is both inspiring and heartbreaking, with many emotions. I think it’s a gamble but really pays ” . However, it will wait a few more episodes before discovering if, as promised Norman Reedus, all these changes will be beneficial to the series and waiting to find out, Robert Kirkman answered fan theories about the link between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead with Nick ! What do you think about Norman Reedus?