The Walking Dead Season 7: Does Sherry have a weakness for Daryl?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

The winter hiatus continues and leaves us the time to ask ourselves more and more questions about the continuation of season 7 of The Walking Dead, as for example to know if something could happen between Sherry and Daryl …
That’s it, January is here and there’s only a month and a few days left before Rick Grimes and company return to see them prepare to face Negan in a war that is already deadly. After that will be just asked who were the deadliest characters from beginning of season 7 of The Walking Dead , it comes back again on the first part of the season and the dynamic between a few specific characters. In an interview with Yahoo TV , Christine Evangelista, alias Sherry, had confided about his character and his relationship with the various men around her and his view is rather interesting. “Now Sherry finds himself in a sort of triangle with her former husband Dwight, and then her husband Negan ago Daryl” . Daryl she is also quite fascinating and for some specific reasons . “I think there is something that reminds him how Daryl Dwight was before he became a murderer in his eyes, before they parted” .
And it could also explain Sherry’s benevolence toward Daryl during his stay at the Sanctuary. Without knowing if it was she who helped him escape, he was still given some advice to try to ease his sentence. “I think she feels guilty for what she did to Daryl when he tried to help her and help her family, and now she looks at him with a kind of nostalgia and envy. saying she does not want what happened to Dwight happen to him too, and she wants to do everything to prevent it ” . Does that mean that Sherry is developing feelings about Daryl? It would not be impossible even if the little time they spent together would make it relatively fast. We know in any case that the Savior has a weakness for the former prisoner and that if she found herself facing him, she probably would have struggled to attack … and vice versa . It remains to be seen whether Daryl and Sherry will meet again someday and how things would happen then, especially if Negan was present. While waiting to find out, we wondered if Rick would get to fight without Negan Eugene in season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?