The Walking Dead Season 7: drop in audiences, is it time that the series stands comics?

Cinema 22 November, 2016

While hearings 7 of The Walking Dead season again suffer a significant drop, it is time for the series coming off the comics?

the-walking-dead-saison-7-amc-twd-23-octobreThe beginning of the end? For the fifth consecutive week, episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism , again obtained hearings down. Even in strong decline. Indeed, the season began to 17,030,000 of fans eager to find out who were the victims of Negan, but since it is erosion. 12.46 million viewers for episode 2, they are only 10.9 million survivors following the episode live and on D + 1. Of course, the rate on the favorite target of advertisers remain astronomical, with a 5.1 rate, and the series are a huge success in video on demand. Anyway, the image of the series is necessarily tarnished by the decline of live since it induces that each distribution is no longer an event , the fans are not afraid of being spoilés, that they do expect more surprise and perhaps they are right!
We know the series is based on the comics and from season to season, we find that large events are similar from one medium to another. There are still some unknowns as what happens to Daryl, that does not exist in the comics, or Carol, who is already dead. For the rest, everything is more or less there! Lately we’ve been killing Glenn, the starting Maggie Hilltop, the arrival of Ezekiel and we could soon discover the community of sinners, while we wait to get to know the whisperers. More damaging, fans who do not read comics have the greatest difficulty in not knowing what will happen to their favorite characters, or the direction the plot will take. All of which greatly prejudice the series, making it less surprising, less attractive and perhaps less endearing . While The Walking Dead should it overcome the comics?
Certainly ! Two stories can coexist and doubling surprise fans. We should have confidence that the series creates new event, including for fans of comics. Also, we have seen during the filming, fans are desperate to find out what is happening and the comics are there to confirm their theories. With a history moving freely, even if filming the pictures certainly continue to leaked, it would be much harder to know what really happens to our heroes. The interests of dissociation are many and such a decision would open a new era that will not fail to greatly intrigue the fans that we are , probably bringing the audience before the live. Still, the production may have already considered this possibility because the pace of the series seems greatly accelerate on the comics, which would inevitably lead to a division of the comic and the series of AMC . Recently, Scott Simple to tease the end of season 7 of The Walking Dead! Do you think the series should come off comics?