The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10, Daryl and Carol Face Ezekiel on Promo Photos

A few days before the release of episode 10 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, discover new pictures of “New Best Friends” …
After a highly anticipated Mid-season Premiere, this is the moment of truth for the AMC series! The foundations are laid, now it will be necessary to do the taf. It’s Sunday night that season 7 of The Walking Dead returned with a rather good episode 9 . After the final cliffhanger, we are terribly anxious to discover episode 10 and it falls well since it arrives very soon. We know it will start right where we stopped, in the middle of meeting our heroes and a new group of survivors . Much of the episode should therefore focus on this unprecedented community. One imagines that Rick will not miss the opportunity and will do anything to rally his cause, aka destroy Negan and his Saviors.
After a far too long absence, Carol will finally be back in Season 7 episode 10 of The Walking Dead ! We shall find her as we had left her, as a hermit. But as you can see on the promo pictures of the episode, Ezekiel will come to look for her and we have only one desire, that she follow him to the Kingdom (and to the end of the world) to find FINAL Daryl ! Will he announce the death of Glenn and Abraham? Will she agree to follow him in the revolt against Negan? Ezekiel clearly having a big weakness for Carol, one thinks that it could change his opinion … Then, will it be a crucial element of the rebellion? Beginning of reply next Sunday night on AMC !

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