The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 14 Tonight, Rosita and Sasha go on the attack!

It’s only a few hours before a new episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead is released and tonight Sasha and Rosita could be in serious danger.
The weeks pass and it is soon the time of the final confrontation between Negan and Rick but before that, we will soon discover episode 14 of season 7 of The Walking Dead on AMC and according to the promo photos of “The Other Side “, Rosita and Sasha are ready to take the first shot. It must be said that it has been some time since the two women gnaw their brains while waiting to be able to avenge the deaths of Glenn, Abraham and their other friends killed by Negan and the Saviors. In episode 14 it seems that time to act has arrived and from the excerpts of the episode that we have already seen, they will not hesitate to put themselves in danger to fulfill their mission .
Besides, the secret mission of Sasha and Rosita to the Sanctuary will not be the only stressful situation since as you can see in the video promo of the above episode, the Saviors will make a surprise visit to Hilltop. Obviously, this is problematic for Maggie who is supposed to be dead and for Daryl who came to take refuge after leaving Hilltop . As usual the attitude of the Saviors is rather threatening and we already know that Gregory will do everything they ask to keep their lives saved, including betraying his allies. It is very likely that Negan’s group came to get Dr. Carson since Negan killed his own doctor, but the Saviors could take the opportunity to take a look and look for Daryl too – They surely will not find it since he takes the escape with Maggie in the video promo. In short, we can already expect a lively episode and to wait until this evening, discover Sasha who bids farewell in a first excerpt of episode 14 of season 7 of The Walking Dead. And you, what are you waiting for tonight’s episode?

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