The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15, the battle begins in the promo video!

While Season 7 episode of The Walking Dead will be released next week on AMC, let’s discover together the first unreleased images of “Something They Need”!
Let’s go ! And yes the meltynauts, while the strategies were slowly in place delaying the battle against Negan, our wait is soon over as the last two episodes of the season promise to be simply spectacular. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our criticism of Season 7 episode 14 of The Walking Dead , let’s go back in detail to the first unseen footage of “Something They Need” aired on AMC on Sunday . And the least we can say is that all our favorite characters are determined to do battle. After being largely prepared to fight, they have only one idea in mind: to attack without further delay. All the communities will thus make common front and will make way to the Sanctuary for a fierce battle . According to the footage of the promo video, the community of Oceanside may well have joined Rick’s group. Did Tara succeed in convincing them?
Still, we are very worried about Sasha, who sacrificed herself in order to save Rosita. Can the young woman emerge unscathed from such risk-taking? We hope, but it must be admitted that its survival seems largely compromised. Another question remains in suspense: Carol will fight with his own? Even if she has obviously decided to leave her exile, is she really ready to take up arms again? One thing is certain, the pace should finally accelerate and that is all we needed to captivate us even more. While waiting for more information on the penultimate episode of this seventh chapter, discover our review of Season 7 episode 13 of The Walking Dead.

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