The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 16 Tonight, Rick declares war on Negan!

Cinema 2 April, 2017

That’s it, the season finale season 7 of The Walking Dead rang and tonight Rick will finally be able to take his revenge on Negan.
Most of the episodes are already behind us and tonight AMC will deliver the last episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead of which a second excerpt has already been unveiled on melty. After many adventures for Rick and his group, the time to fight has now sounded and we have only to hope that the survivors we follow for several seasons now do not suffer too many losses. Season 7 opened on the death of Glenn and Abraham and it is hoped that it will end in a less bloody and less desperate way for Rick and the others. In any case one can already expect a first confrontation between the two camps which should begin a war that will extend in season 8 of The Walking Dead .
An extract from Season 7 episode 16 of The Walking Dead shows us that Ezekiel and Shiva will finally join the battle and should make things quite interesting. In addition to seeing a little more a tigress that many fans of comics were waiting impatiently, it means above all that we will finally see Carol more present in the plot – or at least that is what we hope. His exile to the Kingdom has removed him from his group as the center of the action and we admit to you that his character is missing us . Negan, who is on the attack, Ezekiel arrives at last and a more than uncertain destiny for Sasha, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” promises to send heavy and to lay a good foundation for the continuation. We just hope that the episode will live up to our expectations and we only have a few hours left before discovering it! What do you look forward to seeing in tonight’s episode?