The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 16, who died in the Season Finale?

Cinema 3 April, 2017

A few hours ago, AMC was broadcasting Season 7 episode 16 of The Walking Dead. It’s time to count the bodies …
Attention, this article contains many spoilers on Season Finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead . Broadcast on the American screens this night, episode 16 of the zombiesque show was particularly good. After a seventh slow season and quite badly criticized, Kirkman, Gimple and the whole team have – almost – managed to be forgiven! And inevitably, who said Season Finale succeeded, said Season Finale bloody … We waited a little action and honestly, we are far from disappointed. So who has not survived this seventh season of The Walking Dead ? We take stock of the losses of this final episode.
By choosing to stand up to Negan, Rick knew the risks! Not surprisingly, Sasha did not survive this Season Finale ! Taking a few details of Holly’s plot in comics, the series chose to offer a very moving and original end to Abraham’s darling. From the beginning of the episode, one understands that it will not make old bones. Stuck in a coffin and listening to music, Sasha dreams of happy moments with Abraham and Maggie. Hallucinations that we surely owe to the famous pill Eugene. Taken back to Alexandria to make an umpteenth example, Sasha surprises everyone – and Negan first – when she turns out to be already dead. It is therefore in walker that it attacks the head of the Saviors, Almost crunches the jugular and allows his friends to regain the upper hand on the Scavengers. Sasha reveres masterfully, and it is with great emotion that we say goodbye to her interpreter, Sonequa Martin-Green , when Maggie completes “Zombie Sasha” .
Of course, Sasha was not the only one to die in this sick Season Finale! Since the Midseason Premiere, we were expecting a good fight between our heroes and the Saviors. Well The Walking Dead did not let us down! When the Kingdom, Hill and Alexandria confront Negan’s men and the Scavengers, it does some damage. Fortunately, more fear than evil since no main character has died in this battle … at least for now! Negan announces it, war is now declared . But for the continuation of the fighting, it will be necessary to wait for season 8 of The Walking Dead .