The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4, Daryl back to Alexandria in a new clip!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Two days before the release of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, discover more about “Service” with a new single.
So we offered you yesterday whether the season 7 of The Walking Dead as always a hit with the audiences of “The Cell” , it is now the next episode entitled “Service” that we will be interested. As you can see below, Negan and Saviors will soon land in Alexandria, and even a little ahead of schedule from what Rick said. We now know that less than a week has passed since the death of Glenn and Abraham, and we understand that Rick and the others are not really pleased with this little surprise visit. Negan, true to himself, always fishing and seems more enthusiastic about the idea to harvest half the resources that the people of Alexandria were able to gather . But the arrival of Negan is not the only interesting thing in this excerpt and it takes the dying seconds to see another figure among the crowd of Saviours: Daryl.
As expected, Dwight is not far and it is assumed that it is responsible for ensuring his prisoner they wanted to take him home to show his friends that he is not (yet ?) death. Daryl does have the right to talk to Rick? A Maggie he sees? Or will Negan he simply stroll in what was his community to remind him that he is now his hostage? One wonders how Rick anyway, Rosita and others will react seeing their friend in poor condition and we hope that no of them will do the stupidity of trying to free him. The Saviors are many and Negan looks fitter than ever, this is not the moment to the hero at the risk of losing a friend or two. Anyway extract gives us looking forward to Sunday and pending the issuance of “Service” on AMC and a few hours later on OCS, discover new details on following the 7 of The Walking Dead season on melty! What do you think of this clip?