The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4, first visit Negan in Alexandria, our review!

Cinema 14 November, 2016

That night, AMC aired episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism!
Negan goes shopping! Last night AMC aired episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we dévoilions first extract in which Negan reaches Alexandria . 3 weeks have passed since the first season and the terrible slaughter we have witnessed, but in the universe of the series, less than a week has passed. Our survivors are still marked by what they have suffered and are proven to confront Negan again, as we are seeing particularly for Rick. The reason for the coming of Negan is simple, just go to the market and takes particular to recover the weapons that the residents of Alexandria took his men, but hers to stop there and we are witnessing a real pillage . None can resist because their lives are clearly at stake. The tension is perfectly perceptible and we look apprehension that a tragic event happens , someone tries to kill Negan. But even though opportunities abound, nothing in this direction.
However, we note that our heroes are combative and, on good terms. Carl is definitely the most impulsive as it lack to shoot a Savior, while Rosita begins to secretly rebuild a stockpile of weapons, while giving us a fighting scene welcoming face to zombies. Spenser is not standing still and we find that it also has its own secret stash of weapons since he never had confidence in Rick. Finally, Michonne, stayed away from most of the events will strongly oppose Rick, giving us one of the most moving scenes of the episode. The former police officer confides about his past, about his friend Shane and the fact that he knows he is not the father of Judith. many seasons after the death of Shane and the birth of the one he considers his daughter, the writers manage to surprise us by reviving this old story. We can not forget to talk about Daryl, whose presence tears our heart since Negan forces him to rob his friends. It is no longer a shadow of himself, while maintaining a certain strength of mind. Indeed, when Dwight gets his bike and says he can have it if he says he is “Negan” , it is silent! In his way, he remains combative, like Rick elsewhere. We really thought it was going to hit Negan with Lucille, while his torturer ran a zombie.
It feels enormously during this component, Negan is a narcissistic pervert, a master in the art of psychological torture. And somewhere, we also have the feeling of being tortured! We only hear him talking loud, jubilant, threatening, laughing, that simpering … and at the end of the episode, we’re exhausted. There are no complaints about the performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays brilliantly, as it manages to make it as fascinating as detestable into his facial expressions (this phrasing, this way of slightly out of the end his tongue from his mouth, his approach …). However, we want to blow up and spend some time away (far away) Negan of either returning to Hilltop, either by finding Carol Morgan and the Kingdom. Negan is a good character, but too see, we could end up being tired before the hour! Are, it is a very good episode that was delivered to us. We wondered if Negan was going to commit a massacre in episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead . That was not the case, but the Saviors showed all the cruelty they are able to exercise and psychological reconstruction is just beginning for our survivors! Now the first phases of revenge must be taken. What did you think of this episode?