The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4 SPOILER he will die in “Service”?

Cinema 12 November, 2016

A few hours before the broadcast of episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, back on the reasons why (spoiler) is in danger.

Sunday evening, and after you proposed to learn a bit more about Laura and Arat, the two new Saviors of Negan which will land in season 7 of The Walking Dead , now is what will happen in episode 4 titled “Service” we will talk. Beware of spoilers below, that those who want to keep the surprise going their way. Since we know that episode 4 is a double episode and we can expect a maximum of action, one can also ask whether “Service” will mark the death of another character. Indeed Negan getting ready to go to Alexandria harvest Rick and resources of the group and said new meeting said possible confrontation and therefore safe for survivors . Especially since according to the excerpt you can see below, the Saviors will be there en masse and would soon to attack the inhabitants of Alexandria. Spencer then he could make the cost of this came to look forward to? Not impossible …
Those who followed the spoilers of this summer remember that the fate of Spencer Monroe could be fatal and follow that of his alter-ego of comics in the next episode. To recall after information of The Spoiling Dead fans , Spencer, frightened by Negan and still bitter towards Rick, offered him a contract for Rick betray and become the leader of Alexandria and cooperate with Saviors. Word of Man, Negan refused this deal and punishes Spencer for his lack of loyalty to his community by eviscerating and dragging him in Alexandria . This rather violent death is likely to happen in the series since some pictures of Spencer in the trailer for season 7 show take the same path as its original character by saying “We should have made a deal with them for that there was still time ” . Words he could say at the beginning of the episode before visiting Negan and prove its intention of siding with the enemy while betraying Rick.
Between a longer episode than usual, the arrival of Negan in Alexandria, the presence of Spencer on the promo pictures of the episode and what it says in the trailer, we can think that the young man could die in episode tomorrow night . After all we were promised a cruel Negan and a season with many deaths and the double episode is an opportunity to mark the occasion. Spencer’s death would also not a huge impact on the intrigues of the other characters except perhaps that of Rosita. It must be said that despite his efforts, Spencer remained fairly marginal to the group and is still struggling to integrate. There is however no doubt that his death looming already violent should shock others and sit still and always the authority of Negan after what they experienced in the season premiere. Meanwhile whether the writers will get rid of Spencer in tomorrow’s episode, discover 5 things about Negan that you may not know ! And you, do you think Spencer will die in episode 4?