The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4 tonight Negan he will still make a killing in Alexandria?

Cinema 13 November, 2016

More than a few hours to wait before discovering episode 4 of 7 The Walking Dead season and tonight Negan arrived in Alexandria!
After you proposed a few promotional photos of episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , is now up to you with a small preview without spoilers of what awaits us tonight on AMC in ” Service ”. The fourth episode of the season is highly anticipated because we will finally be able to see the reaction of Rick, Maggie and the other after the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham . Besides that and the emotional intensity that this will bring, the voltage will be at the rendezvous with the arrival – a little ahead – of Negan just collect his belongings. According to the promo video you can see below, Rick will obviously not delighted by this small unannounced visit. It must be said that the leader of the community was more humiliated during his first meeting with Negan and surely he fears he could impose this time.
Moreover this short visit is also an opportunity, again according to the coupon that you can see or review above for Daryl to return to Alexandria and see his friends. Negan we doubt Saviors and accompanying leave the talking to Rick and the others but it is possible that Daryl can not help himself, especially if he sees Maggie. Moreover we wonder how Maggie will react the first time she could see him, and especially the first time she could talk to him. Will she angry against him or she will understand that he never wanted to put the life of his friend in danger? In melty it believes it will assess the situation with wisdom and it is above Negan that his anger will lead . One thing is certain, tense meetings will be put in “Service” and one wonders if this will not lead to a new confrontation and, why not, even a violent death … Until we find out, discover 5 things you might not be aware of the great villain of the Walking Dead, Negan ! And you, what do you expect from tonight’s episode?