The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5, Maggie betrayed by Gregory, Carl and Enid in danger … what will happen?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

A few days before the broadcast of a new episode of season 7, little recap ‘of what awaits us in “Go Getters”.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-7x05There are still four days to wait before the return of zombie AMC show signed and then we wondered if there is little Carl was going to be the new Rick in season 7 of The Walking Dead , it now offers a small recap ‘what could we expect in episode 5 titled “Go Getters”. As can be seen in the promo video below, after the Kingdom of Ezekiel, the Sanctuary of Negan and back to Alexandria with Rick and the others, now is the Hill / Hilltop that s ‘interested. The brief we got what in Season 6 did not obviously we all said, and the presence of Maggie and Sasha will surely allow us to learn more about Gregory and other community residents . Moreover, we may see how the people are coping under pressure because, Alexandria, Hill will also receive a visit not very pleasant.
According to the synopsis released by AMC , Simon and his Saviors stand ready to harvest “their” property and Gregory did not seem happy. It underlines also that Rick and his group had promised to get rid of Negan and Saviors but for now all they have done is put them in greater danger. His few words at the end of the promo suggest it might well try by any means whatsoever to ingratiate themselves with the Saviors and is feared to betray the Alexandrians . It must be said that even if he is not aware, Negan think Maggie is dead and you can expect the sentence if he comes to discover that she’s alive and she’s hiding the Hill … but the episode will not be focused solely on Maggie, Sasha and others since Carl and Enid also have their small plot. For reasons we do not know yet, the young will set out to the Hill.
Since the first preview of episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead in which Carl and Michonne seen discussing the strategy to follow, we imagine that Carl might decide to go to the Hill hoping to convince Maggie and Sasha to fight. Indeed, despite his deep hatred Negan, Michonne has so far seem to want to follow Rick and his decision and do the maximum so that things go well, or wherever they can at least. Obviously this is not to the taste of Carl, always ready to take up arms and fight . The question is how his little escapade with Enid will happen as the young no longer have weapons to defend themselves and from the promo video, Carl looks tired of always having to save Enid. In short, this episode already looks strong in tension and twists. Patience, only four days to wait before having answers! And you, what do you expect of episode 5?