The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5, Revolt in Hilltop, our criticism!

Cinema 21 November, 2016

Last night AMC aired episode 5 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-episodeThe war is afoot! Last night, the US cable channel AMC aired episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we dévoilions the promo video. As we know, this has led us to where Hilltop we found Maggie and Sasha, who fled after the deadly attack of Negan, but mostly come find a doctor to follow the pregnancy of the wife of the late Glenn. Quickly, we discover that it is at risk due to a placental abruption, but especially that Glenn and Abraham are buried at Hilltop. The emotion is so fast at the rendezvous . Following the section on community particularly highlights Jesus, a very interesting character we have pleasure to discover, not to mention Gregory, the coward! The latter shows detestable quickly: he does not remember the first names and so called Rick, Rich, he wants Maggie and Sasha depart, especially after their failure to get rid of Negan and is not in agreement with the that graves were dug (at Hilltop, we burned the dead). Fortunately, Jesus opposes him and Maggie has nothing to fear. Well almost.
Indeed, the Saviors are not far away and still will make their own, which will give us a nice deal with zombies scene. While Gregory hides, Sasha, Jesus and Maggie make sure to get rid of the undead. The young woman shows that even in his condition, it remains badass and crushing everything in its path by driving a huge tractor . Even weakened, it demonstrates that it has a natural authority and saves the community of zombies attack orchestrated by the Saviors. We also particularly like when Gregory slap violently after the betrayal of the latter, which could turn into a tragedy. The revolt is running at Hilltop and the leader has not become more than the title. In parallel, we follow the very pleasant journey and Carl Enid. The girl from Alexandria and the son of Rick decides to follow. An adventure that offers a small confrontation with zombies, a moment of game and especially a first kiss for two teenagers. In purpose, they went to Hilltop, which gives us a reunion between Enid, Sasha and Maggie and again the emotion is present, particularly because the balloons that the girl symbolically attached to one of the tombs.
In this episode, we enjoyed not seeing Negan to release some pressure around that character, while being conquered by the new shares of Saviors, which demonstrate the ability of all deceits possible. We also greatly enjoyed the fact to learn more about life in Hilltop, while discovering more about Gregory, definitely the worst leader we have never met in the series. The episode was particularly intense in its plot and things finally go very fast, so that the war seems very close. The end asks us enormously as we see Jesus and Carl hid in the same truck, to get to the Sanctuary! What can we expect next? Will we lose another of our heroes? Chandler Riggs (Carl) he will leave for The Walking Dead Season 7? What did you think of this episode?