The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6, a disappointing episode? Discover the advices!

Cinema 29 November, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, discover what has been thought users of the latter.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-7-episodeAfter an outstanding first season, the seventh season of The Walking Dead has continued with weekly episodes that do not resemble on AMC . This week, we left Alexandria to find two characters we had not seen for a long time. Tara and Heath If it has been almost absent for the majority of the episode, the reunion with Tara have allowed us to discover a unique community: Oceanside . After you announced our review of episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead , it is time for you, dear meltynautes to discover what has been thought the fans of “Swear” through their numerous messages Twitter.
You had to expect, “Swear” is an episode that divided. On one side, there are the hardcore fans of the series who love when it takes the time to focus on a character or a single group in every episode. On the other, there are those who sincerely begin to tire of this mechanism, which is not going to hide it, not necessarily always proven. One thing is certain, however: the character of Tara had missed us and the young woman clearly shone during this episode . We are given an appointment next Sunday for episode 7 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, a first extract was unveiled ! And you, what did you think of “Swear?”