The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6, the worst or the best of the series?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

The last weekend, AMC aired episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead. A chapter very commented, but was it the worst or the best of the series?

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-6-swearA matter of perspective! Last weekend, AMC aired episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism . This episode did not fail to cause controversy, derogatory comments and get one of the worst series of hearings. So is it really the worst episode of this season, or is it rather the best? For many viewers, it is the worst. The reviews we read in particular relate to the fact that this episode was dispensable in all, they want to follow the adventures of Alexandria hero and not that of Tara, which is like the character or not . Especially, some believe that his trip would not have had the honor of an entire episode . They underline the frustration of waiting for weeks before resuming the ongoing stories and highlight the fact that the method of historical narrative, chosen by the production, is bad. Criticism we hear, but that we do not warrant the ambient bashing.
Indeed, for the melty team, this episode is by far the best since the start of this season, despite the criticism, no shortage of captivating us and question us as to bring out very many theories, from the smallest detail. Why do we consider the best? For starters, for Alanna Masterson game quality. It shows both terrified before taking action, having played the ingenue. Despite the horror of the situation in which it is immersed, it does not lack humor and so it brings a good dose of levity in The Walking Dead , which was missing for a long time. A completely new behavior with the Apocalypse. We see, it goes through all the phases can and actress offers a wide range of emotion. Also, it’s been a long time that the series had failed to make us love a character of a simple snap. From a very minor character, in the space of one episode, Tara has become one of those we love most in Alexandria, which was certainly the goal . Indeed, with the death of two of the main characters, it seems logical that the secondary characters are increasingly important to compensate their absence.
Beyond the character, we liked the general history of this episode and the fact it is very comprehensive. We discovered a new community may be more interesting than the others , with a more unique passive. We said we had the perfect amount of humor, not to mention being frightened by these buried zombies, but active and dangerous. We will not forget the tension that we felt when we understood that Tara was the target of the Oceanside community. We have had our question: What happened to Heath? Will we see Oceanside? We had the action and the scenes were our most captivating perspective than previous episodes and above all they were unexpected. Indeed, while most episodes are based on comics and that in fact we have a good idea of what awaits us, it was totally surprising. Oceanside has finally nothing to do with the version of the comics community and this happens before the time which promises unprecedented events. In permanently this episode surprised us, he made us laugh, shake and endears a character for which we had only little consideration! Successful bet. Recently, we wondered if Rick and Tara were like characters in season 7 of The Walking Dead. According yourself better or worse episode?