The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6 tonight, where are Tara and Heath?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

While the episode 6 of 7 The Walking Dead season will air tonight on AMC, discover together the outline of “Swear!”
Where were they? And yes meltynautes, Tara and Heath will be back tonight on AMC . After being absent for a while since they were left to seek resources outside of Alexandria, we’ll finally know what happened to them since their departure. The opportunity to discover a whole new community that will expand still more the world of the series. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that the mid-season finale of saisoon 7 of The Walking Dead would be longer , back on the main lines of “Swear” . First, know that this episode will be an opportunity to get to know the community of Oceanside has a very particular vision of zombies. Thus, they are not at all frightened and even take a certain pleasure in eliminating them one by one. Moreover, it seems that Tara and Heath are separated. If Tara wants to continue to seek resources, Heath has more hope and prefer to go to Alexandria . Thus, we should follow two different stories throughout “Swear.”
The least we can say is that the two friends did not find much to bring to the camp and that Tara may well come across a group that may be new enemies to Alexandria. One thing is certain, we are terribly eager to see the further adventures of our favorite characters. Especially since the arrival of Carl and Jesus in the Sanctuary should be particularly eventful . So how will evolve the dynamic between Rick’s group and that of Negan? The Netherlands may he help? We will have to wait to get to the bottom. Meanwhile more info, see how Merle would react to Negan in 7 of The Walking Dead season melty. Are you excited to discover the story of Tara and Heath?