The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7 tonight, women Negan are revealed!

Cinema 4 December, 2016

While the episode 7 of 7 of The Walking Dead season will air tonight on AMC, set back on the main lines of “Sing A Song me!”
Here we go again ! And yes meltynautes in a few hours, we will have the pleasure of seeing our heroes for an episode that will be rich in tensions. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover a new photo that teasait an iconic scene for Carl in season 7 of The Walking Dead , back together on the major events that will punctuate “Sing Me A Song” aired tonight on AMC . First, know that we will know even more about the Saviors and particularly women Negan. Indeed, the Big Bad of this seventh chapter has very specific rules for each of them! But that’s not all because Carl and Jesus finally arrive at the Sanctuary. The opportunity for them to confront directly Negan. Also, be aware that we will know more about Michonne plan . If he was rather vague until now we have the chance to see it light up.
Furthermore, a native of Alexandria group might find something useful in their fight against Negan and Saviours. Meanwhile, a resident of the city will blow his rancor against Rick. Since his arrival at Alexandria, the group’s leader has put more people back to anger but will quickly subside since few people will take the defense of Rick. Our hero can it regain the confidence of everyone? One thing is certain, we are downright eager to see the further adventures of our favorite band. Pending more information, see our review of episode 6 of 7 The Walking Dead season melty.