The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 8, Rick Aaron and take risks in a new extract

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Four days before the broadcast of the final mid-season of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, a new survey of “Hearts Still Beating” is available!

The end of the year approaches and with it the end of the first part of the 7 of The Walking Dead season and after we asked who was going to die in episode 8 , it’s a new clip of “Hearts Still Beating” we offer below. Rick and Aaron found that there always looking for resources to Negan and Saviors, not hesitate (almost) not to climb in a hole full boat to cross a body of water for walkers to reach the remains of the other side. The hope is for them that the game will be worth and who knows, maybe they will find enough ammunition and food to start thinking about attacking Negan since suspects that Rick will not remain long subject . We appreciate in any case much the determination of Aaron who is almost offended by the offer of Rick to stay on the side while he continued to advance.
From the first single from the mid-season finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead and the latter, we should again follow several small groups and for our delight. The fate of several characters is unknown and the promo video even showed us we were going to – finally! – Find Carol Morgan and the Kingdom of Ezekiel . Admittedly, it’s been a time that we do not see them and wonder how their schemes will be integrated with those of others in the future. Furthermore we already expects some victims since the series has given us the habit of bloody final winter and for now the potential victim might be Spencer but we are not immune to a surprise. Patience, there remains only four days to wait before discovering the latest episode of The Walking Dead of the year! What do you think of this clip?