The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 8, this scene cult comics will she place in the final mid-season?

Cinema 5 December, 2016

While the episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air next Sunday, we begin to wonder if one of the cult scenes of comics will be proposed in the mid-season finale.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-8-episodeLast night on AMC and tonight on OCS Choc, a new episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead was released. In the latter, we found Carl who landed at the Sanctuary and the teenager spent the entirety of “Sing Me a Song” alongside the great big bad of the season. Meanwhile, as Michonne and Rosita were preparing their revenge each of their sides, Spencer wants particularly helpful with Saviours, while continuing to ruminate on oh how he hates Rick. As we know, the mid-season finals series are often an opportunity for writers to make a big score by killing one of our heroes so to make things intrigues . 7 The Walking Dead season should not go through the cracks with the broadcast of episode 8 next week . Moreover, six days before we can discover this new episode that will last not less than 90 minutes, there are serious questions whether one of the cult scenes of comics will be available to us.
Above you can find the boards of the comic and as you can see, Spencer is done by gut ruthless leader saviors. In the comics, Rick Spencer betrayed and will see Negan to spend an alliance with him. However, the big bad does not like the cowardice and treachery of the young man and eventually disperse his bowels in Alexandria. .. If this scene is reproduced on the screen, no one doubts that the series will still be talked about for its violence. So we give appointment Sunday night to get to the bottom. Meanwhile, do not forget to check the program series of the week ! Would you like to see this scene?