The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 8, who will die in the final mid-season?

Cinema 6 December, 2016

While the episode 8 of 7 The Walking Dead season will air Sunday night, a question arises: who will die in the final mid-season?
In five days, the first season of The Walking Dead game will come to an end on the American channel AMC . If the first season was marked by the death of two characters – Glenn and Abraham – the following episodes were rather disappointed and seem not to have advanced the intrigue. But we know the series and its mechanics: the final mid-season in the habit of dropping bombs to make something out storylines and characters to the box . If we doubt that one of the main characters of the series will lose his life in “Hearts Still Beating”, it is still likely that one of Rick’s group members can make his last breath. But then who?
When comparing the plot of the series with that of the comic, the final mid-season should correlate with the death of Spencer. Yes, we expect a cult comics scene in episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , in which the young man is simply gut by Negan after he went to see him to make an alliance with him. But that the big bad does not accept and does not like the cowardly son of Deanna (well, Deanna fire). The sudden, it makes sense that the writers follow the line of comics, which would increase the threat Negan and its power . The opportunity also to get rid of a not necessarily appreciated by fans figure.
Two other players seem to be in danger even if the probability that they are removed from the gallery of the series hero is low: Rosita and Eugene. We saw in the previous episode, the young woman asked the latter to manufacture bullets. The revolt against Negan begins to clarify and if, say, she decided to put his plan in motion, a failure would be fatal, resulting in the same time his accomplice . That seems still unlikely after the deaths of Glenn and Abraham in the season premiere. We will have to wait until Sunday evening to find out. Meanwhile, melty find on the program series of the week . Who is going to die, do you?