The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, 6 things to remember from the mid-season premiere!

Cinema 19 February, 2017

While Season 7 episode 9 of The Walking Dead was finally broadcast on AMC, discover 6 things that one must remember from the mid-season premiere!
Full details to remember! And yes the meltynauts, after several weeks of absence, we had the pleasure to find our heroes for new adventures. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead , several events were simply fundamental during mid-season premiere of the flagship series AMC . Let’s come back to the 6 details we need to remember from this incredible episode!
Gabriel was not alone when he left Alexandria
As crazy as it sounds, Gabriel decided to leave the city by taking the last food reserves with him. But while we might have passed by in the darkness of the night, Father Gabriel was not alone, and it was with the complicity of someone that he fled. But who ? Is it a Savior or the person who was spying on Rick’s band recently? We will have to wait to get an answer!
Bertie is not an unknown
Remember, at the beginning of the episode, a woman named Bertie assures Maggie that she will fight with him to stop Negan . The latter is not unknown since Rick and the group had rescued Bertie and one of his friends from a building overrun by several zombies during episode 11 of season 6 of the series.
Morgan confessed to killing a zombie
While Morgan finds the group on their arrival in the Kingdom, he confesses to Daryl and Rick that he killed a Negan minion in order to rescue Carol. He says he did not have a choice . Morgan therefore officially and above all voluntarily put an end to his pact to no longer kill anyone because all life is precious. We imagine that this decision will have an impact on the rest of its history.
Morgan lied
Although he knows where Carol is, Morgan lied to Rick and Daryl, confident that he had no idea where Carol was hiding. A choice that tore our hearts so much Daryl seemed upset at the thought that something might have happened to him. One thing is certain, Morgan has had to protect his secret . He also decided to leave Carol in a state of ignorance since he was not to see her to reveal what was going on with Negan and Rick’s new plan. He fully respects his decision to stay behind and even if the situation seems desperate, it is out of question for him to disturb Carol. Will he eventually change his mind?
Joey’s death may be a problem
And yes, Joey’s role was simple: he had to put explosives in order to remove the great hordes of zombies from the camp of the Saviors. Now that he’s dead, zombie groups are likely to get closer to Alexandria and all communities . Will they become aware of it before it is too late?
Negan quoted Martin Luther King
When Rick’s group hears Negan’s voice on the walkie-talkie, the leader of the Saviors is quoting the end of Martin Luther King’s speech: “I have a dream . ” And it is true that there are many similarities between the discourse and the situation of Rick and the other communities facing Negan . Indeed, they all live in fear and they are not free from their actions but if they decide to unite to overcome adversity, they could manage to get by. The war is clearly imminent! One thing is for sure, we look forward to seeing the rest. Waiting for more info, find out why Rick smiled in episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead .