The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, a new promo video and all the photos of the premiere mid-season!

Cinema 31 January, 2017

A few weeks before the episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, see all the promo pictures of it, as well as a new trailer.
There are almost the meltynauts! In twelve days’ time, The Walking Dead is finally back on AMC after two long months of absence. The prospect of finding the show has never been more exciting since the first part of the season was rather disappointing and we know now that the sequel will be much more intense, more rhythmic and much more bloody. Yes, now, our heroes are all united and all communities have only one goal: to destroy and bring down Negan Saviors . The war is imminent. In short, AMC has understood this: we are in a hurry. And to reward us for our patience, after confirming that the next episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead will be longer , the American chain has unveiled a new promo video and all the promotional photos of the premiere mid-season.
In episode 9, entitled “Rock in the Road” , Rick discovers a new community, which is none other than the Kingdom. Indeed, our hero will go to meet King Ezekiel in order to make an alliance with him in order to fight against the Saviors. Promotional photos of the mid-season premiere also tell us that our heroes will also go to Hilltop, probably to do the same. In short, the Saviors can begin to tremble: determining Rick has never been stronger to reduce to ashes a single community . Meanwhile on February 12 next to discover this new episode, know a victim of Negan could reappear in season 7 of The Walking Dead . What do you want to see in this episode?