The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, did SPOILER betray Rick and the band?

Cinema 15 February, 2017

A few days after the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one wonders where SPOILER went and whether he really betrayed his friends.
Our favorite zombie series is finally back and while we have just released two new episodes of Season 7 episode 10 of The Walking Dead , we are now back on the mid-season premiere to clear up a few points . As you know, Father Gabriel disappeared at the beginning of the episode, bringing with him provisions and weapons, not to mention the car with which he fled . It is known that he put Rick and the group in the footsteps of the Garbage Kids but many questions remain: where did it go? Why did he take away weapons when the Poubelle Children were already full? Was he threatened by the person who was with him in the car? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , The executive producer Greg Nicotero said a little more without revealing too much details. He nevertheless stressed that we would soon know more about this mysterious scene.
“When he gets into the car and leaves, we see that there is someone beside him, he is not alone.” We like to put a little doubt. “Does he have a plan?” The questions we all asked ourselves when we saw him on the reserve and became even more complicated when we realized that he was not alone in the car. “When Father Gabriel puts fuel in the car, you see a silhouette reflected, I think that after seeing the episode a few times, and especially after Rick said that Father Gabriel would never betray them, We think that something must have happened ” . D ‘ Where the clues left by Father Gabriel for his group to find him . The more one learns, the more the thesis of treason seems unlikely, especially after the rather flagrant evolution of the character in previous episodes.
Father Gabriel might have fallen on someone who threatened to rob his own community. It remains to be seen now the relationship with the Garbage Kids. Did the pair of shoes that we had already seen twice really belonged to a Garbage Kid or was it simply a stalker who forced Father Gabriel to leave? But in this case, why and how could Father Gabriel lead Rick, Michonne, Carl and others directly to the dump, where dozens and dozens of Garbage Kids have set up camp? You will understand, this second half of the season begins strong with mysterious intrigues which, despite the comics, still allow us to be surprised by the turn that things are taking. In the meantime, To know a little more in the next episodes, you are told all about the possible rise of the audiences of season 7 of The Walking Dead thanks to the episode 9 ! And you, do you think it is a betrayal?