The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, Rick more determined than ever in a new mid-season premiere

Cinema 6 February, 2017

A new trailer of Season 7 episode 9 of The Walking Dead has been unveiled and is to be discovered.
We’re almost there, the meltynauts! That’s next Sunday that the seventh season of The Walking Dead returns to service on AMC and clearly, the tension is at its height. In the first part of the season, our heroes had to manage the fallout of the Negan massacre. While most of the characters had no hope and seemed to embrace the inevitability of serving the Saviors to survive, some of them – such as Michonne or Carl – were clearly determined to take revenge and free themselves from the ” Grip of the great villain of the series. During the mid-season finale, Rick finally decided that now resistance was to be implemented . This is also the culmination of the latest featurette of episode 9 of the 7 of The Walking Dead season which was unveiled last week . Today, a new trailer has been posted and is to be discovered below.
“It’s not about us anymore. It’s about the future” we hear Rick in this new promotional video. And he’s right ! You have to fight to be free, but the task does not look so simple . The people of Alexandria will have to have weapons, but also men, and that is why Rick will have to give everything to convince Ezekiel (the leader of the Kingdom) and the community of Hilltop to join forces with those of Alexandria. Episode 9 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, whose promo photos are available , it is in 6 days AMC and OCS. What are you waiting for?