The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, The Return of Rick Grimes, Our Critic

Cinema 13 February, 2017

Finally ! After weeks of waiting, season 7 of The Walking Dead is finally back with a well-filled mid-season premiere of which you can of this not discover our criticism. Watch out for spoilers!
The wait is finally over and last night AMC was broadcasting episode 9 of the season 7 of The Walking Dead which made us find a Rick Grimes very fit. As expected from the various promo videos of “Rock in the Road”, Rick and his family have tried to bring together several bands to deal with Negan. And as you might expect, Gregory has lived up to His reputation by taking fright and insisting that Negan never learn their encounter. During this little very productive discussion, you have to admit that we tended to have the same head as Michonne, judging not so silently that it Cowardice of the leader of Hilltop Since Maggie remained there and the inhabitants seem motivated to take up arms, it is assumed that the reign of Gregory will soon come to an end and we are already hastily .. After this first refusal, Jesus Comes to the rescue of the group by teaching them the existence of the kingdom and King Ezekiel.
And he has another surprise since during his stay at the Sanctuary he managed to steal a walkie-talkie that allows them to be aware of Negan’s gestures without having to go back. Well played Jesus! The arrival of Rick, Daryl, Tara, Rosita, Sasha, Carl and Michonne in the Kingdom does not go unnoticed but once again thanks to Jesus, the real savior of this episode, everyone can meet Ezekiel without too many problems . Yet once again Rick has trouble making himself heard and it must be said that their account of how Negan killed Abraham and Glenn does not really encourage to take up arms against him if Ezekiel wants to keep his people safe and sound . Even Morgan, who has just learned of the death of several of his friends, prefers to continue on a pacifist path and so it is without any promise that Rick and the Alexandrians leave. The small visit will at least have allowed Daryl to find a refuge after his escape from the Sanctuary.
Even if the separation between Daryl and the rest of the group is a little quick to our liking – after all he has just found them – we admit you are not dissatisfied with knowing that Daryl and Carol are in the same area And we are already looking forward to their reunion. Always motivated as ever, Rick, Michonne and the others are heading back to Alexandria and encounter a slight obstacle on the road: a Negan trap with cars blocking the road … and explosives . Before seeing the explosives, they decide to simply move the cars and put them back neither seen nor known but the presence of any dynamite is too tempting. To get a little more pressure, a rather impressive horde approaches and while Rick has just heard that Negan is looking for Daryl, he decides to keep the walkers under the elbow to use them against the Saviors.
This plan does not proceed quite as planned since we are dealing with a particularly fast horde and we witness a massacre of walkers quite extraordinary thanks to Rick and Michonne. Once the adrenaline rush passed, the small group finally came back and found itself facing a nasty surprise: Father Gabriel who was seen leaving with food and weapons at the beginning of the episode. Thanks to his little game of track and after lying shamelessly to Simon, everyone starts again – Aaron as a bonus – to go and fetch him … falls on a very numerous armed group and menacing gait. Rick’s smile suggests that this is not necessarily a bad thing and that Father Gabriel put them on this track for a reason . After all they searched for men and weapons throughout the episode and they are served. In short, a mid-season premiere well rhythmic, not so surprising as that but which makes us advance in the plot and that puts up well the basics of the second part of the season. While waiting for the next episode, the synopsis of episodes 10 to 13 of season 7 of The Walking Dead are available on melty! And you, what did you think of this episode?